Score Tricks Part 4

Hvorfor sidder du og læser denne besked når vi to kunne være sammen?

I can follow the rainbow to the end, but I can never find a better friend. I love you!!

I love you, Ich liebe dich, Jeg elsker dig, Je t’aime, Te quiero! Forstå det!

I morgen, når du skal have morgenmad, skal jeg så ringe til dig, eller prikke til dig?

I have a pen, the pen is blue. I have a friend, and that friend is YOU!

I must be born under a lucky star, to have a friend as good as you are :o)

I’ve seen angels in the sky, I’ve seen snow fall in July. I’ve seen things you only imagine to see or do,
but I still haven’t seen anything sweeter than you…

I wish I were a china cup from which you drink your tea and every time you took a drink

you would be kissing me…

If I could control the alphabet, I would put U and I closer together…

Is your name “Gillette” Cause your the best a man can get!

It took a minutte to meet you, it took an hour to know you, it took a day to fall in love with you,
but it will take a lifetime to forget you…

If you lived across the see… what a great swimmer I would bee… *SS*

J’taime mon amour 🙂

Jeanette – the best a man can get !

Jeg elsker dig du er kanon sød, og jeg ville ønske at det bliver os to igen, for jeg savner dig.

Jeg elsker dig, lige så højt som en mus elsker ost!

Jeg elsker at drømme, drømme om dig, for i mine drømme elsker du mig.

Jeg er ikke lars larsen dyner, men jeg vil da gerne se dyner med dig alligevel *sf*